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Support your local hotel

By 15 June, 2021No Comments

That we have been thrown into really tough times is nothing to be ashamed of. The travel industry in particular has been hit very hard by the Corona virus and the consequences of travel restrictions. Of course, we fully understand that business travel is declining and companies are doing the right thing in following the authorities’ advice. Of course we do too!

But… We think like this; many have had to cancel their trips abroad they were looking forward to. In addition, many of us work from home right now and miss the social contact we get from meeting our colleagues irl every day. There are solutions here!

Check out what your local hotel has to offer. By being a tourist at home, you can get both that holiday feeling you had planned in and the advantage of coming from home for a while. We know that both hotels and restaurants make great efforts and come up with smart solutions so that we can continue to visit them, safely and securely.

The guest’s safety is of the utmost importance, as many hotels right now express it very clearly. Routines for cleaning and hygiene have been updated and employees go home at the slightest symptom. Of course, this also applies to you, stay at home if you are ill, feel symptoms or if someone close to you is ill. Through trust and cooperation, the hotels remain and receive you with joy when you are healthy again!

Remember to keep a little extra distance and wash your hands often and well. Normally you say that you should not feel so much, but we have to change that now. Feel, you feel the slightest symptoms, stay at home!

Here are some good reasons to support our local hotels and restaurants:

  • We are advised against traveling both abroad and within Sweden. Then take the opportunity to experience your hometown!
  • As the occupancy is lower than usual, it is easy for hotels to ensure that rooms are left empty for a longer period of time between guests. More time for cleaning and airing. In addition, it is easier to place guests less often in the hotel.
  • If you do not want to eat your breakfast in the breakfast room, you can in many hotels ask for a breakfast bag to the room or to bring. Several hotel restaurants also offer in-room dining solutions for those who do not want to sit in the restaurant’s premises.
  • Even restaurants have fewer bookings right now. This means that you, if you and your party are healthy and fit, are warmly welcomed to the restaurant and can also sit with greater distance to the next party than usual.
  • Take away – not just fast food restaurants. Call your favorite restaurant and book that magical dish for takeaway! Go home and enjoooy!
  • Do you work from home and have difficulty finding a good office space? Contact your local and hotel and hear if they have a slightly secluded place you could use. All of a sudden you see a few people during the day and have access to breakfast and coffee. You can certainly make a good deal with the hotel!
  • Do you have someone close to you who is turning one soon? A gift card for a hotel stay or a restaurant visit is very much appreciated. In addition, it is perfectly possible to send by post.